Events 4you?

A successful event management is almost a work of art – its an experience which comes together through sheer brilliance of concept, visuals, flawless planning and great management. At MICE 4 you, we strive to bring you access to event experiences that are unique, intimate, and without parallel. For corporates, we focus on providing experiences that are fresh, inspiring and help in building relationships with customers, teams and partners. For public events, we bring together the best of ideas that might be required for an outstanding brand promotion, product launch, concerts and exhibitions. Our signature events bring you an eclectic variety of events that embody the best of every genre from business, to food, to the arts, to live entertainment.


MICE 4 you likes to work as an extension of your team, collaborating and using its industry knowledge and contacts and expertise to bring together the best of results for you.


Here are the areas in which lies our team’s expertise:


  • Logistics Management
  • Welcome and support desks
  • Special Programmes
  • Special arrangements for guests
  • Reception arrangement and management
  • Travel and lodging

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