Incentives 4you?

Top companies continue to invest in keeping their employees happy through exclusive travel as a reward for good work and also to build important relationships and inspire better performances. Travel to unique and exclusive destinations has been found to not only build better teams, but also foster a bonding within the company that has lasting advantages. In a nutshell, employee incentive travel programmes have proved to be an effective influence on the bottom line.

With access to great places and a solid experience of planning and executing such incentive travels, MICE 4 you is your perfect partner for creating such unique and memorable experiences. Whether it is a special Himalayan tour, a curated travel experience, a thrilling adventure tour, or rejuvenating retreats to untraveled places, we have excellent resources to think up the most creative of incentive programs for your team. Whether your incentive travel is targeted at building relationship with key resellers or clients; reward top performers, channel partners; or targeted towards retaining and rewarding large clients, these are our services:



  • Logistics Management
  • Welcome and support desks
  • Special Programmes
  • Special arrangements for guests
  • Reception arrangement and management
  • Travel and lodging

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